Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pool Tables are Moving Back

Aha!!!  I captured a photo of our friendly neighborhood mockingbird as she filled the air with her plethora of bird sounds.  It's always a joy to hear her singing.
Found another weird unidentified bug.  Looks like he carries luggage on those back legs. 

Who says we seniors don't have fun?   Donna, MaryAnn, and I have our animal noodles to keep us entertained on our nightly visits to the pool.

All the billiards tables are receiving new replacement felt and are being reassembled in their new surroundings.
I was amazed at the jillion screws, nuts, washers, etc. that are involved in the construction.

It took a while to dismantle the table in the Santan room and move it back across to the billiards room.

Still some finishing touches of paint and molding to be done.
Activities office.
Our new library/computer center.

Front foyer still in process too.  Rumor has it that the whole project is ahead of schedule. 

If you've been watching the Arizona weather, you can see that we are definitely in the throes of mid-summer heat with temps over 110.  Last night it only cooled down to 90 for a low.  We're always thankful for a cloudy day to keep that intense sunshine away.  Yes, it is a dry heat as our humidity is 26%.  We're VERY thankful for our air conditioning these days.
Okay.....this cartoon made me laugh out loud!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Quiet Monday till Cropduster

Another typical morning sky at sunrise. 
Sandy Milner lives close to the crop fields on the east side of the park.  She gets some awesome views of the early morning cropduster as he's out there doing his job in the near by fields.
The cactus plant at 1396 is in the mood for some fresh flowers so I sent these to Chris and Linda Steward to enjoy.  The flowers make a lovely complement to their new casita site.  (Happy bee inside)
I went up to the admin building earlier today but must have caught everyone at lunch hour because all was quiet.  No remodel photos worth while today.  We received more photos from readers though so be sure to check that page more frequently now.  Verna sent some awesome pics of the Washington wildfire.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Notes from Readers

I finally spent some time updating the blog page called "notes from fellow residents".  Love hearing from all the readers.  Send me a photo or a note about your summer and I'll find time to post them on that page. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Update

Another Thursday night potluck dinner with Sam and Donna.  Tonight was a small gathering since many folks have taken off for vacations to cooler climates.  It was 107 degrees at dinner time but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.  Right after eating, we pack up and head to the pool.  Fun!  Can't let a little warm weather defeat our entertainment.
Don stopped in at the Activities Office and snapped a couple photos for you.  Say hello to Martha Yarbor and Christy Kochen.  You'll see a lot of them at the front desk this coming season.  They're temporarily stationed in the sales office due to the remodeling project.
Nancy Paupst in sales is a busy lady this summer.  Houses are coming in and selling fast.
Looks like a training session in the mailroom.
The billiards room must be nearing completion as they're starting to move the pool tables back.
Shelves are going back into the new library/computer room.
Still lots of work to do in the ballroom.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pickleball news plus updates

We stopped out at the pickleball courts this morning to check on a few items.  I received an email request from Ken Johnson (one of our residents) to get information about the posts and nets used on our Palm Creek courts as his local community is building courts and Ken wants to advise them of the great equipment we have here.  It was an interesting assignment and I learned more info because of it.

There was a four-man crew out there washing the courts this morning after our recent flurry of dust storms.
This is some very efficient equipment used to wash away the dust but it still requires these gents to be out there for several hours.
Working barefoot will help keep him cool.  :)
It's readily apparent at how well the drainage is working at the courts as the excess water and mud easily washes into the center aisle where the drains are located. 
Larry Gray showed us how the net posts work.  Each post has a slot where a handle is stored.  This crank then allows them to adjust the height and tension of the nets.

No wonder Ken wanted the information about our supplier.

Thanks for the info and the tour, Larry.
The ballroom is still under construction.  It will really be nice to have those ceiling fans working this season.  Thank you, Sun Communities for all you do for us!

The billiards room is almost finished.   
They're marking the floors to indicate proper placement of the tables.
Walking by the mailroom, we spotted Bob Herinck picking up a package from Linda Balzan.  Knowing Painter Bob, it's probably new brushes!