Monday, April 13, 2015

Trap Shoot

There are many clubs and activities available through Palm Creek.  Some strike out on their own once they get acquainted.  Here are some photos of the folks who go out to the local shooting range for some Trap Shooting.

Photos courtesy of Harold Mackenthun

Front Row:  Dan McKinnon, Orla Wanless, Alex Gendron
Back Row:  Bob Tabor, Harold Mackenthun, Darrel Whipple

Missing from photos:  Hank Corbitt, Steve Gaines, and Terry Esch

Alfa Rally Week

The Alfa Rally is in full swing this week and they seem to be having a great time.  There are many activities lined up to keep their days busy.

They need a lot of rooms for their meetings and seminars but you can't keep the poker players from getting together.  We still managed an Omaha game Saturday afternoon in the new Prickly Pear room. 

I was invited to the ladies luncheon today as a thank you for presenting a computer class about how to create a travel blog.  Lunch was great. 

The speaker was the same motivational speaker we had at our Palm Creek fashion show followed by a boat load of lovely door prizes that were given away.

Look at the cute scrubbie things we each received at our table. 
The agenda was interesting.  Here are some of the seminars on their list:
  • Travel talk on Alaska
  • Travel talk on Mexico
  • Travel talk in the Rockies
  • Convention oven cooking
  • Travel in a caravan
  • Communication on the road
  • Fire safety and window escapes
  • Tech talks
  • Genealogy
  • How to write a blog.
  • Pet parade
  • Weigh your rig
  • SkyMed wine & cheese
  • Battery maintenance
  • ....and an RV driving school

RV mechanics were abundant and traveled to the Alpha rigs for any requested repairs or upgrades.  Nice service.

Tomorrow is the last craft fair of the season so our rally visitors will have even more stuff to do while they're here.  Plus all the usual happy hours and potlucks I see occurring at individual sites. 


Friday, April 10, 2015

Great Weather

Our treasured April weather is here!  Just lovely and not too hot yet. 

Our new street signs seem very popular with residents.  Now I see them finishing the bottom of the signs with nice brick work.

Spotted Ricki Persing at her station by the front Welcome table again today.  She and Myron have spent many many hours there this season.

This is a weird photo but just wanted to show how the Sunseekers RV group displays their tail lights each evening while they're here at the Alpha rally.  It's really pretty neat and is a sure sign of their friendly welcome.

I chatted with a lady this morning who is in charge of registration for the rally.  She said there are 104 rigs scheduled and only 75 had arrived so far.  That means more Alphas will be arriving over the weekend.  Glad to see them coming in for a good time.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Welcome to April

Not many of us get to celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary so I'll take a moment to congratulate Manson and Nancy Polley on 60 years of marital bliss.

Even the weather cooperated so we had a lovely day to celebrate!
We have many talented musicians at Palm Creek so I'm glad to see that quite a few are getting together for some "jam sessions".  This week we watched the "Fiddlers" as they gathered at Suzie Nunley's home for a fun evening of music. 
Their group ranges from the 9 year old youngster to a senior gent in a wheel chair who accompanies the group on the banjo!  How fun!!
Suzie plays with several orchestras in the area but this fiddlers group is one of her more fun friendly groups.
I know that a group of flutists have met and there is also a ukulele group that meets.  It will be fun and entertaining to see these groups develop next season.  Maybe we'll get to see them perform at some local happy hours and events.
Last week we watched the RVs pulling out in droves.  Today they started arriving again as the Alpha and Freightliner rally's are coming in for their annual visit.  It will be interesting to see what activities they bring with them.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

New Road Signs

Hey!  Great idea to post some road signs to make it easier for deliveries and newcomers to navigate around our beautiful resort.  Well done!

At the 4-way stop
 At the 3-way intersection 
At the lawn bowling corner

I sat out on our patio this morning with a cup of coffee and counted 8 rigs driving out just during that brief time.  The place is clearing out!  I wonder if our record breaking all-time heat is driving folks away or if their scheduled time is just expired for the season.  We broke records this week for being in the upper 90s so early in the summer season.  Sure hope that's not a sign of things to come in July and August!

I'd still prefer this to what some folks are seeing back in their home turfs.  Gwen Black wrote this morning and said she enjoyed nice weather yesterday but awoke on April Fools Day to a yard full of show.  Yuck!

Monday, March 30, 2015

End of "Season"

Our great luau party this past Saturday marks the "end of season".  Very nice event!

Here are some photos from the Palm Creek Facebook page as I couldn't handle the hot sunshine. 
 Graceful hula dancers
 Polynesian Fire Dancers
Maybe even some hula dancer "want to be"???
Even the desert flowers had a wonderful season.  The flowers at Picacho Peak were in abundance AND some of our Palm Creek cactus were exceptional.
Stop by Site 1336 (Mark and Cindy Nelson) on the corner of Sandy Desert and Mountain Mirage to view this beauty.  The blossoms only last 24 hours so be sure to drive by and take your camera along.
I'd like to post a very special "THANK YOU" TO Lisa Harold and her staff for all the hard work they put in to give us all such a wonderful winter vacation!  They did an outstanding job this year.  There were many new hurdles to cross and new avenues to explore with all the transition but as a full-time resident, I believe all is well and we're on a smoother road ahead.  Congratulations and THANK YOU to the entire staff!

Balloon Photos of Palm Creek

One of our Palm Creek residents, John Ross, is an avid balloonist.  He loves floating above beautiful scenery to enjoy the view.  Here are some recent photos he took as he soared above Palm Creek. 

Click on this link to take you to my OneDrive account where you can view many more photos of John's aerial photography.
John was also featured in a video produced at the Red Rocks Balloon Festival in Gallup, NM. 
Here are more of the adventures John has enjoyed this past month.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Softball's not over yet!  Some of our avid softball players have formed teams again and are back on the field for two more weeks of sun and fun.  Head on out to the ball field on Tuesday and Thursday for the next two weeks to watch the action and cheer for our athletes.

I was there to cheer for JD Nelson's team this morning.  Three cheers for our female players! 

Great job on the pitching mound, Deb!!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Thank you to our FireFighters!

There was a GREAT turn out for the Fireman's Spaghetti Dinner Friday night!  Thank you one and all for buying tickets and attending.  We've all seen the big red life-saving trucks and ambulance enter our park on numerous occasions to assist those in need.  The firemen are our heroes!  Hmmm.....there are some women in the force too.  I wonder how you refer to a female fireman?  FireWoman??  I guess Fire Fighters is the best word these days.  Any way, we're glad to support them and they can use the funds to buy equipment that may someday help one of us.


The kitchen was too busy and crowded for me to sneak in with a camera so I copied these from the Palm Creek Facebook page.  They worked hard and fast to serve hot meals to all these people.

Pickleball Trny

The Duel in the Desert pickleball tournament has one more day to go.  Friday was a real challenge for all the players as we had some strong winds with 20+ mph gusts.  The flags were standing straight in the winds.

Saturday was beautiful weather, however, so I'm sure the players appreciated the break.

Stop down Sunday for more tournament action.  Here's the schedule.


I think the lighted palm trees on the golf course really look nice.  Can someone with a fancy camera get a good photo for me??  My cell phone isn't sharp enough for dark photos. 

Congrats to the Tennis Club!

A hearty thank you and congratulations to the Tennis Club for hosting a lovely evening of entertainment at the tennis pavilion tonight.  We were treated to some great music by a local jazz group from the Arizona Community College.  I'm guessing that our local resident, Larry Marik, had some influence on getting the musicians to attend. 

It wasn't just the tennis folks who enjoyed the evening but many of our residents who were out walking on such a beautiful evening also stopped by and enjoyed the music.

It looked like busy elves were at work decorating the place, setting up for the event, providing a wine tasting table, and the jazz band music.  Congrats on a great evening.  Your club has certainly grown in the past year or two.  You are putting those new courts to great use.

Stop by the courts at any time and watch the play.  It's a great spectator sport as well as fun to play.