Thursday, September 03, 2015

Construction Photos

We have a revised forecast!  FOUR days below 100 degrees.  Yes!!

Busy Busy Busy.  LOTS of work going on to get all the new houses ready.

Street work continues.

Pickleball fence going up.

Ballfield area is getting pavers and a wall.

Digging has begun for the pool.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Dig Dig Dig.....More holes for new houses across the street.  The crews recognize us now so always give a friendly wave.

Time to start hauling away all that dirt.

Another street crew laying the forms for curbing.

Missed the pour for that side of the street too.  I guess the only way to see it all in action is to just sit out there for a while.................but its toooooo HOT!  You'll have to be content with a few photos.  

Digging for the new pool has begun. 

Here's the new hot tub!

Lightning Excavation is the contractor in charge of putting in the pool.

You may have heard news on TV about all the storm damage in Phoenix yesterday.  The good news is that the storm was centered right IN Phoenix so there was no damage here.  Whew!  We continue to have small dust storms several nights a week with some occasional light rain.  Keep your fingers crossed that monsoon season will soon be over for us.  It's so disappointing when evening storms keep us out of the swimming pool!  

Here's a beautiful photo of our horizon the night of the Phoenix storm.  You can certainly see it in the distance! 

Photo by Ken Wolf

Our sky by Suzette Taylor



Look!   Look!  Look!.......this week's forecast actually has a day under 100 degrees!!  Yahoo!!  Certainly hope that's a sign of cooler temps to come.  We're ready!

We spotted a curve-billed thrasher this morning.  They have a wide variety of song and love the fruits of the cactus plants.  

Here's a sample of his song:  

 Activity at the new pickleball courts.

Digging holes for the light poles.

Running electrical lines to the pool and hot tub area.

So much underground work to do.

Taking down part of the softball fence so machinery can get in to dig the pool.

Don wants to be the first one to stand in the middle of the pool.  Of course he doesn't swim so this will be his only chance to get in that pool.

Work continues around the new houses in the area.  Operating one of these tampers or compactors has to be a tough job.  Seems like it would be enough to jar one's teeth loose.

The five houses on one side of the street are done.  Now they're digging holes for houses across the street.

Work continues on the new streets.

Whoops....we missed some photo ops as we find one side of the curb is already poured.  That certainly didn't take long.

If you want a new home on a golf course site, you'd better hurry.