Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Softball's not over yet!  Some of our avid softball players have formed teams again and are back on the field for two more weeks of sun and fun.  Head on out to the ball field on Tuesday and Thursday for the next two weeks to watch the action and cheer for our athletes.

I was there to cheer for JD Nelson's team this morning.  Three cheers for our female players! 

Great job on the pitching mound, Deb!!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Thank you to our FireFighters!

There was a GREAT turn out for the Fireman's Spaghetti Dinner Friday night!  Thank you one and all for buying tickets and attending.  We've all seen the big red life-saving trucks and ambulance enter our park on numerous occasions to assist those in need.  The firemen are our heroes!  Hmmm.....there are some women in the force too.  I wonder how you refer to a female fireman?  FireWoman??  I guess Fire Fighters is the best word these days.  Any way, we're glad to support them and they can use the funds to buy equipment that may someday help one of us.


The kitchen was too busy and crowded for me to sneak in with a camera so I copied these from the Palm Creek Facebook page.  They worked hard and fast to serve hot meals to all these people.

Pickleball Trny

The Duel in the Desert pickleball tournament has one more day to go.  Friday was a real challenge for all the players as we had some strong winds with 20+ mph gusts.  The flags were standing straight in the winds.

Saturday was beautiful weather, however, so I'm sure the players appreciated the break.

Stop down Sunday for more tournament action.  Here's the schedule.


I think the lighted palm trees on the golf course really look nice.  Can someone with a fancy camera get a good photo for me??  My cell phone isn't sharp enough for dark photos. 

Congrats to the Tennis Club!

A hearty thank you and congratulations to the Tennis Club for hosting a lovely evening of entertainment at the tennis pavilion tonight.  We were treated to some great music by a local jazz group from the Arizona Community College.  I'm guessing that our local resident, Larry Marik, had some influence on getting the musicians to attend. 

It wasn't just the tennis folks who enjoyed the evening but many of our residents who were out walking on such a beautiful evening also stopped by and enjoyed the music.

It looked like busy elves were at work decorating the place, setting up for the event, providing a wine tasting table, and the jazz band music.  Congrats on a great evening.  Your club has certainly grown in the past year or two.  You are putting those new courts to great use.

Stop by the courts at any time and watch the play.  It's a great spectator sport as well as fun to play.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Donation to Foster Children

Congratulations to the Palm Creek residents who ere involved with the huge contribution to the Pinal County Foster Children's program. 

I asked one of the members of the sewing guild for some information about their generous donation.

"The baby blankets are made by the PC quilters/sewers but the foster children quilts are mostly made through the Community Quilts program which is part of the PC quilters/sewers. We meet every Friday morning in the sewing room to work on our quilt projects.  We use donated fabrics and supplies and also purchase some from funds raised through our quilt shows and also some of us purchase fabrics ourselves to make quilts for the program.  We also work on them at home and during the summer and a few quilts are donated from people who aren't involved in the Community quilters/PC quilt/sewing club but live in the park.  We donated 63 quilts this year and 88 pillowcases.  The pillowcases were sewn by both the PC quilters/sewers and Community quilters.  Louise Fountain started up the Community Quilters program about 5 years ago and we donated quilts to various organizations in Casa Grande but 2 years ago decided to devote our quilts strictly to the Foster Children Program here in Pinal County."

If you peek inside the sewing room on any given day during season, you'll see the room buzzing with activity.  They have a wonderful facility here.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Duel in the Desert - Pickleball Tournament

Due to the huge pickleball tournament this coming weekend, the north gate will be open on Sunday, March 8, from 9:00am till 6:00 pm.

Here's the tournament schedule for the big DUEL IN THE DESERT tournament.  Click on the photo to enlarge or go to the pickleball website for more details.  Come see the "best of the best" as they duel for their medals.  Let's cheer for our Palm Creek participants!

Monday, March 02, 2015

Multiple Shows

Saturday provided quite an exhibit of the hidden talents in our park residents.  It took a long time to walk through the exhibits at each of the shows.  The quilt show always amazes me because I can only imagine the endless hours of work behind these masterpiece quilts.  They're beautiful!  The quilters donate so much of their time to helping others through their handiwork.

And we must always give credit to the "behind the scenes" characters who help keep us happy.
The woodshop show is beyond description.  What a fantastic hobby!  Beautiful works of art.

This kind of work ranks among my favorites.  I viualize them all on MY walls. 
Joe Beebe was among the talented woodworkers so it was heartwarming to see this sign.
Over in the ballroom, our crafters were on display.  Pottery, jewelry, sewing items, art work, photography, etc. etc.
Thank you to all those who displayed their works this past Saturday AND to those elves who set up the shows.  There was much work involved to get it all set up.
Outside....we find friends and their new toys.  Have you seen this new "motorcycle" yet??  WOW!
Our friends in the Drama Club have been busy as well.  Hope you didn't miss their rendition of the Great Nursing Home Escape. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Internet Message from Gary Lambert

Please pass this message along to your neighbors and friends.

Please pass on to the community:

We have had some reports of varying speeds, which I have seen myself. I realize it is short notice, but we are asking Dish’s Internet Provider to come on property and do some performance testing. Unfortunately, in order to do that, we need to take the network off line for a short while. We are ASKING for the testing to take place at noon tomorrow (Tuesday), and it should last between 15 and 30 minutes. .

I apologize for the disruption, but it is necessary to ensure stability longer term.
As always, thank you for your patience and understanding.


Gary Lambert
Operations Manager
Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort a Sun Community
1110 N Henness Road | Casa Grande, AZ  85122
Phone: (520) 421-7000  |  Fax:  (520) 876-8962

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Western Novels

Please pardon a bit of personal advertising.  Computers and blogs are not our only obsession in the Hepler household.

Don has been working on revisions of his nine western novels originally published and sold exclusively by Avalon Publishing.  He has consolidated them into a three-part western series with new covers and new marketing.  Publishing is much easier these days as readers can easily download books into their kindle, iPad, smartphone, or other device. 
Our son, Anton, is the artist in the family so he created the new covers.  As wife and Mom, it's exciting to watch the two of them collaborate on the project.  Many friends have downloaded the series of books and say they enjoy them. 
 I have a favor to ask.  If you have read the books, would you please go to Amazon's kindle library and leave a review of the book?  When purchasing a book, buyers like to read reviews.  Your input will be much appreciated.
Link to Books:  Amazon Books
Click on any of Don's books at to leave a review.  Please and thank you!
Starting Friday, February 20, book one of the Frontier Justice Trilogy "Indian Trouble" will be available for download on for FREE.  It will remain available for five days at no charge.  We know there are many fans of the western genre in the park so if anyone is interested, please leave a review on the Amazon site.  The remaining titles will be on sale soon.
The new cover is actually a photo of our son standing on a high butte overlooking one of the many vistas near Lake Powell in Utah where he lives and works.  Stop in at Bullfrog marina to say hello this summer.